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Crane at Work

Energy Chain & Sling is an owner operated company. We take pride in being able to offer customer service and knowledge that exceeds our competition. If ordering a custom chain sling, wire rope sling or synthetic rope sling, feel confident knowing it is built to the highest standard. Nothing will leave our facility that Energy Chain & Sling is not 100% confident putting our name on it. The same pride is also taken when choosing the product lines we carry. Every item from flat straps to lever hoists are from brands specifically chosen by us for their quality.

Most items Energy Chain & Sling carries are going to be used in an industrial application. This means the product will be put to the test. Energy Chain & Sling is familiar with the ASME standards and can help users navigate the proper maintenance and inspection criteria for all lifting and pulling devices. To ensure the life of a sling or device and the safety of the employees working around them, Energy Chain & Sling can help develop inspection programs and assist in employee training. We also offer inspection and load testing, both onsite and at our facility. We are experts in inspection and understand the importance for our customers to be confident in the equipment they are using to lift and suspend loads. 

24 Hour On Call Service

24 Hour

Turn Around

USA Made Chain

Custom Lengths & Sizes

Oversized product available 

Nautical Rope

Our Quality Guarantee

Energy Chain & Sling is committed to ensuring safe and quality products. We perform rigorous testing on all of our products. We hand pick our vendors and we are knowledgeable in everything we do. 


Brent Sweem | Operations Manager, Pluggin Along Inc.

"Best well service supply house in North East Wyoming. Has everything you could ever need and if they don't, they will get it quick! Very satisfied customer."
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